Tableware. Have you thought about it?

If you're having a self hosted wedding - meaning you aren't buying into a package at a venue, (perhaps you're having a tent wedding on private land.) you may want to look at adding an extra special touch to your day with tableware.

Using a unique set of dinnerware for your top table to celebrate the unity of you and your grooms families joining can be a new tradition for your families, reliving your wedding memories at other occasions such as Christmas.

Here's our favourite selection of tableware for your inspiration.

Vera Wang Tableware - John Lewis

Lenox Darius - Macy's

Love story - Mikasa

Hammersmith Gold - Mikasa

What do you think about wedding tableware?
Is this a tradition you already have in your family?

We'd love to hear your comments.

Helping to make your event dreams come true.

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