So, you just got engaged? What's next?

Your significant other has finally popped the question.
You've cried whilst breaking the news to family and friends and you are now the envy of all of your facebook friends. 

Now your thinking... what's next?!

Since most marriage proposals are unexpected (unless it was you who asked.) it can be a little overwhelming to dive straight into the wedding world. 
What do you look at first, what should you buy? Where should you go?

It's so exciting that often for some brides-to-be it becomes dawnting.

Here's ten steps to get you started.

First things first, get your pretty new love symbol insured!

Here is some great information for our UK readers on the best insurance options for you.

2. Send out any announcements you need to make via snail mail to distant friends and relatives.
Remember, not everyone uses social media.

3. Plan your engagement party. Traditionally, the Bride's parents would host a party / gathering to introduce her Groom to the rest of the family and vice versa for the Groom's parents. These days just about anyone can throw you an engagement party, you can have as many as you like. This also gives you lots of opportunities to share the "how he did it" story while flashing your sparkly ring.

Engagement parties range from anywhere to 1 - 6 months after engagement.
If you're having a longer wait until you get married you could throw your engagement party in the middle of your time scale.

Get celebrating!

4. Decide who will be in your bridal party. Set up a mini event / day to 'propose' to them.

5. Attend a wedding fare or 3!

Wedding fares give you a chance to have a look at a range of options in one place, think Pinterest in one room. If you are totally clueless as to what you want, a wedding fare is a great place to gather ideas and ask any questions you may have to vendors.


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6. Set up a secret group pin board for you, your bridesmaids and Mother's to share ideas. 
Print out your favourite ideas and start a mini scrapbook, small enough to pop in your handbag. Perfect to carry around with you on a daily basis in case of any inspiration emergencies.

7.  Set a budget. Understanding how much you have to spend and when is integral to the smoothness of your planning. 

8.  Meet with a planner. Once you have all of your initial ideas down, meet with a planner. You don't have to hire them to plan everything. You could book a consultation to speak about vendors and to see how their services could help you. You might even save some money. 
Sometimes couples just want some reassurance that their ideas are possible.
Get in contact with your local planner to see how they can help.

9. Pick a date. Having a date to work towards will help our with your budgeting tasks.
It also means you can book your venue.

10. Send out your save the dates!

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